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Signal/Slot¶ The pw_comments extension provides since version 3.0 a slot which may be used by your extensions to modify the pages array (or containing pages) right before assigning to view. To connect your signal to the slot just put this to your ext_localconf.php:

Signals cannot return value. See the Signals & Slots documentation page: Signals are automatically generated by the moc and must not be implementedSignals/slots cant return any value. Possible solution: Scrabble: signal: void requestTurn(); public slot: receiveTurn(int); Game: public slot... Signals and Slots public slots: void setValue(int value); signals: void valueChanged(int newValue)• Features provided by meta-object code: – Signals and slots – metaObject() – returns associated meta-object for the class – QMetaObject::className() – returns class name as a string, without requiring native... Usage — signalslot 0.1.1 documentation Signal/Slot design pattern. Usage. signalslot.Signal objects.Emit this signal which will execute every connected callback slot, passing keyword arguments. If a slot returns anything other than None, then emit() will return that value preventing any other slot from being called. Can Qt signals return a value? - ExceptionsHub

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During signal emission all slots that have been connected to the signal are invoked unless they are manually set into a blocking state. The parameters are passed on to the slots. If T_accumulated is not nil, an accumulator of this type is used to process the return values of the slot invocations. Signal/slot - General JUCE discussion - JUCE | Forum

Boost.Signals allows various strategies of using the return values of slots to form the return value of the signal. E.g. adding them, forming a vector out of them, or returning the last one.. The common wisdom (expressed in the Qt documentation [EDIT: as well as some answers to this question ]) is that no such thing is possible with Qt signals.. However, when I run the moc on the following ...

* One slot can be connected with multiple signals by calling this method multiple times. * Getting a return value from an emitted signal | Qt Forum Getting a return value from an emitted signal. If the first called slot fails, you'll never know. At least one slot that sets the value is handled asynchronously. The variable pointed at no longer exists, causing a segmentation fault and thereby a crash (as Gerolf hinted at). PyQt/Sending Python values with signals and slots - Python Sending Python values with signals and slots. On the #pyqt channel on Freenode, Khertan asked about sending Python values via Qt's signals and slots mechanism. The following example uses the PyQt_PyObject value declaration with an old-style signal-slot connection, and again when the signal is emitted, to communicate a Python dictionary. Using partial to create slots for signals with return

Installatron for TYPO3 is a one-click solution to install and manage TYPO3 ... return type to createVersionNumberedFilename (Thomas Löffler) ([BUGFIX]) ...

Introduction¶. Let’s say you want to change the receiver email - short before powermail sends the mail. Add a new extension to your system and use the signal createEmailBodyBeforeRender for example. How to use signals and dispatchers | TYPO3 & Linux for ... * One slot can be connected with multiple signals by calling this method multiple times. *